February Pre-Trip Service

On Saturday February 18th, we volunteered at A Wider Circle in Silver Spring, MD. A Wider Circle, founded in 2001, is an organization that provides free clothing, furniture, and career readiness training to those in need. They do amazing work and I’m so glad that they’re located near our community! Our main duty as volunteers that day involved the many donations that the organization receives from the public. When we arrived at A Wider Circle’s facilities, we were split into three groups. The first group sorted children’s clothing, the second group sorted housewares, and the third group helped remove donations from the donators’ cars. I was in the group that sorted children’s clothing, which I really enjoyed doing. Something I really love about A Wider Circle is that they have high standards for the donations they accept. They don’t allow broken or stained donations to be put in the showroom for families to browse. I’ve worked with other organizations before that gave items to those in need that were not of good quality, but luckily that was far from true with A Wider Circle. Most of the clothing I saw was top-quality and I know parents will appreciate finding them. It was so nice to volunteer as a group and I can’t wait until we leave for Baltimore later this week! – Cameryn




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