November Team Meeting

At our first team meeting, we started off with an ice breaker to tell each other our one-minute life story  (pass along a rope with one knot, must continue talking about yourself until the knot gets back to you). Always a fun way to get to know people for the first time and to egg each other on with silly questions by the end.

We then went over our Community Guidelines that would become our leading principles throughout our meetings, reflections, and trip service. I especially liked being “YES” people, meaning that we would always try to be as willing and up to do anything as possible, and having phones turned on airplane mode during service, so that we aren’t distracted by incoming texts and playing games throughout our time working and learning in Baltimore.

Finally, one of our last activities was watching the TED talk: “The Danger of a Single Story” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I’d never seen it before, but many of our participants had actually already watched it multiple times. It was an awesome TED talk that really resonates with our AB core mission, and in general, the current environment that our society is going through. (Also, Chimamanda has really nice voice and it was super soothing to hear her speak).

Next December meeting will hopefully be a chill study break for all of us, and until then, we plan to stay engaged through our GroupMe and this blog 🙂

From: Michelle



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